Art, Music, Foreign Language, Wellness, & Driver Education

Fine Arts

Fine Arts and Music Collection from TEL

Visual Art

American Folk Art Museum


The Artchive

Global Gallery - view art prints by subject, genre or artist

Global Guide to Islamic Art from Saudi Aramco World - lists web exhibits at the bottom of the page

The J. Paul Getty Museum

African Art Museum - tribal masks and statues of Africa

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History


National Gallery of Art Image Database

Wikipaintings - Visual Art Encyclopedia

Essentials of Music - basic info about classical music eras, composers, and terms (blocked at school)

Instrument Encyclopedia

Resources for Research and Study - from William and Gayle Cook Music Library at Indiana University

Foreign Language

PowerSpeak Languages - free from TEL! - Courses in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and ESL.

Language Guide - shows pictures of goups of items and gives word and audio pronounciation in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and more

Transparent Language Blogs from Around the World - learn about language and culture, includes Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Latin, Esperanto, Russian, Hindi, and more!

Grimm Stories - Fairytales from the Brothers Grimm in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and Danish.


Spanish-English Dictionary - better than a translation site!

ABYZ News Links Mexico - links to broadcast news media and newspapers published in Mexico, most in Spanish, some also in English

ABYZ News Links Spain - links to broadcast news media and newspapers published in Spain, most in Spanish, some also in English

BBC Spanish


A Kid's Guide to Learning Spanish

National Spanish Examinations

Online Connections to Spanish Textbook

Quia - Spanish Activities

Spanish - Learn It Online - Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer

Sra. McCormack Ven Conmigo 1

Super Spanish Websites

Study Stack Spanish Resources


Transparent Language Spanish Blog - learn about Spanish language and culture


ABYZ News Links France - links to broadcast news media and newspapers published in France, most in French, some also in English

BBC French - Phrase of the day, links to French radio and tv, grammar, learning games, dictionary, and more!

French Assistant - Free help with French, includes audio

IELanguages French - Free tutorials, audio, and flashcards

French Food at

Transparent Language French Blog - learn about French language and culture

Why Study French?

German-English Dictionary (Collins)

ABYZ News Links Germany - links to newspapers and broadcast news media published in Germany, most in German, some also in English

BBC German - Phrase of the day, links to German radio and tv, grammar, learning games, dictionary, and more!

Destination Germany - cultural information and videos about German cities

Deutsch-Lernen - free German lesson, German jokes, penpal info

German Language at

Transparent Language German Blog - learn about German language and culture

Health Education & Wellness

Health and Wellness Resource Center - from TEL

Medline Plus

Teen Health and Wellness - username and password are both teentech

Advocates for Youth - sex ed

Centers for Disease Control

The Cool Spot - Alcohol, Peer Pressure and Underage Drinking Info for Young Teens

Cope. Care. Deal. - a mental health site for teens

Meth Free TN - Meth Destroys

NIDA for Teens - The science behind drug abuse

Safe & Healthy Intimate Relationships - sex ed

Scarleteen - sex ed - sex ed

Stay Teen


Driver Education

Distracted Driving - official government website

Keep the Drive - tools and resources for parents, teens, and teachers

No Text on Board - anti-text & drive campaign from AT&T

Tennessee Driver License Online Practice Test

Toyota Teen Driver - Heads Up game tests your driving skills!

Under Your Influence - Free Info for Parents on Creating Safer Teen Drivers