Social Studies

General Resources

Government & Economics

Business Economics & Theory Collection from TEL


Public Policy Research - Project Citizen

American Presidents

The Presidents - from PBS

Presidents of the US - from the White House

First Ladies' Biographies from the White House

National First Ladies Library 

United States Constitution -

History & Geography

PRB Population Data Sheet 2010

U.S. History Collection from TEL

CIA World Factbook

National Geographic Travel & Cultures

Population Reference Bureau Data Finder - find up-to-date statistics for states and countries including population, birth & death rates, life expectancy, poverty data, and more

Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture - world and country maps, population data, currency converter, and GPS calibration

Starting Points for Ihle's Antebellum Reform Project

SweetSearch - web results approved by librarians!

American Memory - writings by your reformer or about your reformer by their contemporaries

Gale Virtual Reference Library - ebooks from TEL - not searched through PowerSearch, some good things here not available on the wider web

TEL PowerSearch - choose all cross-searchable products under the search box

Google Scholar - if you absolutely must use Google, use this one - uncheck box next to show citations to just get entire books/articles

Starting Points for Ihle's Progressivism Project

Child Labor in America - photos by Lewis Hine

Modules on Major Topics in American History - includes major movements, events, and time periods

Making Sense of Documentary Photography

George Plunkitt on Shame of the Cities

Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

Primary Source Sets - from Library of Congress, by topic or time period

Urban Experience in Chicago - Hull House & Its Neighborhoods 1889-1963

Primary Sources

American Memory - from the Library of Congress

From Revolution to Reconstruction

Our Documents.Gov - includes 100 milestone documents

Primary Documents in American History - from Library of Congress - includes documents from 1763-1877

Digitized Primary American History Sources

Primary Resources Digital Library - Calisphere 

Slavery Images

Decades & Timelines

Achive Timelines - from Infoplease

History by Decades

Pop Culture Collection from TEL

Timeline of the 20th Century - includes tab for Decade by Decade

Timeline Index - view timelines for various different topics

Greek and Roman

Holocaust Resources


Psychology Collection from TEL

American Psychological Association

Encyclopedia of Psychology

History & Philosophy of Psychology Web Resources

mpower - musicians for mental health

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena (blocked at school)


Dream Interpretation

DreamMoods - Dream Dictionary (blocked at school)

Experience Project - Dream Dictionary (blocked at school)
IQ Tests

IQ Test - International High IQ Society, 36 questions, 9 minutes

IQ Test Version A, 109 questions, 40 mins - Queendom  (blocked at school)

Learning Styles

Abiator's Online Learning Styles Inventory Test 1

Abiator's Online Learning Styles Inventory Test 2

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire  - from NC State

Learning Styles - VARK Questionnaire

Personality Tests

Big Five

Jung Typology Test  (blocked at school)

World Religions - Information about many world religions and topics related to religion

BBC World Religions - more in-depth coverage of several major world religions - Brief articles about many different religions. See the Big Religion Chart for comparisons between different religions

National Study for Youth and Religion - survey information from 2001 to present and links to other resources regarding the study of youth religious experience and attitudes